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The Mountains-My Person

“Be exalted oh lord above the heavens”
I have been humming this song for the last 2 days all day and can’t get it out of my head. If you are reading this and you know this song l, good luck getting it out of yours.
It’s somewhat “misty” here in the mountains today and as I eat breakfast and watch the sunrise, there is a thick fog over the mountains. From where I am it looks like smoke covering the mountains and I thought maybe this is what it looked like to the isrealities in the wilderness.
As the day goes on and I go about my day someone pointed out to me that over the peak of the mountain you can see the sun shining. I stopped and looked where I am, it is drizzling rain somewhat and a little cool but right over the trees and mountains there is sunshine and as I keep looking it looked like a light (the glory of god) so I start humming be exalted oh lord among the heavens, let your glory be over the earth be exalted oh lord. Yep all day long I hummed that song and as I sit here at the end of the day writing this I realize I realize that the mountain is gods sermon to me, my own personal illustrated sermon. Even as the mist and the light cover the mountain so is his grace and love is covering me. So yes lord be exalted above the heavens and let your glory be over this earth vessel. Be exalted in my life, let your glory shine through me.


How great thou are!!!

Oh Lord my God

When I in awesome wonder

Consider all the worlds

Thy hands have made

I see the stars

I hear the rolling thunder

Thy power throughout

The universe displayed

Then sings my soul

My Savior, God, to Thee

How great thou art

How great thou art

Then sings my soul

My Savior, God, to Thee

How great Thou art

How great Thou art

You have to be living under a rock, not to know we are experiencing a once in a life time, at least for another 40 years, event.

Today as we wait/ watch/ anticipate the Eclipse, I could help but create all the “banners” for H2H about creation, how awesome is our God, he spoke and it happen, all my bible journaling is about the moon and the stars, they also bow down and worship…..

As I listen to my worship play list, I created just for today, I can’t help but think of one of my favorite scripture Revelations 4:11, for thou are worthy, oh lord to receive Glory, honor and power, for thou has created all things, for thy pleasure they are and were created…

So as man look in awe and anticipate, and scientists tries to explain, I Stand in awe with my hands lifted up, my mouth is fill with praise, with a heart of thanksgiving, I will bless his name…

God doesn’t need science but science needs God, so as it gets darker (2:15pm) and it looks like it’s about to storm, and yes we in Washington DC will only experience a partial, eclipse and every one every where will remember where we were and what we were doing when God showed up just a little of his handiwork, and creation will stand to give him glory and I am still amaze, that he choose me, he created me, he loves me with an everlasting love and I am his

So as eclipses 2017 come and go! I turn my music on to one of my favorite

The Stand

Hillsong United


You stood before creation

Eternity within Your hands

You spoke all life into motion

My soul now to stand

You stood before my failure

And carried the cross for my shame

My sin weighed upon Your shoulders

My soul now to stand

So what can I say

And what could I do

But offer this heart O God

Completely to You

So I’ll walk upon salvation

Your Spirit alive in me

This life to declare Your promise

My soul now to stand

So what can I say

And what could I do

But offer this heart O God

Completely to You

So what can I say

And what could I do

But offer this heart O God

Completely to You

So I’ll stand

With arms high and heart abandoned

In awe of the One who gave it all

I’ll stand

My soul Lord to You surrendered

All I am is Yours

“Burden bearer”

To say I love to worship, is an understatement, you have seen the blogs on music and worship and if you follow me on Facebook, most days you want to block me and say enough already! Yes #musicislife #worshipismyvice. The thing is today I was studying Galatians 6:2 , to make an entry in my bible and as I get distracted, I had to get up to check on my daughter, the pets, just the house, I start looking at the time and getting frustrated because what I had plan for my quiet time this morning still wasn't done!

Don't get me wrong, I have been in my bible journaling room since 3am and has gotten a lot done but what I had set aside for today, is still on the table.

So as I come back to my bible and getting ready to figure out how I want the page. I think of all the distraction of the morning, the things that seemly took me away from my worship, from my alone,quiet time with God…. right!

Wrong! Checking to see if my daughter had a seizure or is ok, answering a text from my other daughter, checking on a friend, messaging a friend to let her know what her gifts meant to me, walking my son's dog so he can sleep in a little later, getting some scraps for a friend (yes my distraction of the morning) and the list goes on was part of my worship time, not outside, not distracted, not instead of, it is part of what I do as a Christian, as I bear others burden it's is my worship to God to say thank you for being my burden bearer, for taking my burdens on you back to Calvary and as I yoke up with you, I am also able to link up with my friends and family and bear their burden.

It's my worship to you! This is my gift, my worship, my prayer to you, as I live out "Christ in me the hope of glory"………..


“Faith in worship”

It's 6 am, and I am laying in bed wide awake, I have been awake for a couple hours now, and after willing myself to "go back to sleep", with no such luck, my body is a clock, no matter, how late, how tired…….my body gets up at 4am.

So after listening to my worship music, turning and tossing, trying to "will" my body back to sleep, I call uncle!

So as I lay here, typing up my to do list for today. And playing phase 10, I decided I am going to do my devotion and set up H2H for today.

Last week took a break from the "norm", H2H is my baby Ministry, I don't want to operate on "robot mode", I don't want to post because it's what is expected, I want it to reach and minister to me first and then the ladies in the group, so as I try to figure out a picture for our "corporate worship room" today, I type into google "faith in worship", I wanted to see what will show up and of course so many pictures did, from cover of CD, to Ministry that has faith and worship in their names, to several that look very promising to me that demonstrated faith in worship

How do I choose? Well so much is speaking to me and several will be a perfect fit, but as I scroll I saw it, a man with out stretch arms and a cross (on Calvary) but the cross is leaning toward the worshipper! (See image) that's it "oh but for grace that runs from Calvary", that my faith in action.
When I lay awake in my bed, worrying about my kids, my health, my business, so much going on, the storms are redundant, you don't post of social media any more because it's "again"! So you message a couple friend and update them on the latest saga and ask to continue to keep your family in prayers.
You try to find a scripture that will encourage your heart, that will give you the grace and the strength to wake up and face this new day, yes it's a new day, it's Sunday, a beginning of a new week, his mercies are new, but for me it's still a struggle,

I check on my daughter who is sleeping and wonder if she will wake up in pain.
I pray for my boys and their situation
I pray for my grand-baby that today is a new day and he will be feeling better so his mom can have a better day, that she can find brand new mercies as she deal with pregnancy and a sick toddler.
I pray and I pray!

I scroll on Facebook to see what every one is posting this time of the morning, I click on some friends post about politic, faith, adoption.

All of this to distract me so I can get up! The struggle to start my day and face a new day is real……

So as I see the picture the one for H2H corporate worship room and as I type this blog, just type, no thinking it through and get it prep, I just type and I listening to my worship music, " I stand" by Hillsong comes on perfect! I switch out from typing this blog, share on Facebook my current situation. #writing this blog and I stand on repeat.

Then I think of the picture that inspired this blog, yes #ohbutforgracethatrunsfromcalvary
My life, my storms, my challenges, are not redundant to him

Right here I don't have the answers, I am lost, sometimes angry at God, don't understand his will, yes I trust his way, but I struggle with the "working for my good", I can't stop the tears,
I pray and I say it's too much,

Yes it's too much for me, so help me "yoke" to you so you can help me "bear my burdens", remind me that I am overwhelm and tired because I am trying to carry it by myself, remind me to always find my center in you, remind me that you know exactly where each of my kids are and what they need, remind me that you love them so much more than I could ever love them.

Yes remind me!


“Chronicles of a bible journaler”

So you have to be living under a rock if you have not heard or seen #bibleartjournaling. There is a whole community of people like me, who draws, colors in our bible as a way to study God's word and make it real to us!

Well 2 years ago a friend of mines, tag me in a post on a bible art journaling challenge and I attempt to do it. 

Then I remember the words of an art teacher in 10th grade, begging me to drop his class and he will give me a B…. that was a very hard earned B, I really did try but  some how, straight lines. Water paint, and so on,just escape my ability to put them together and make something beautiful 🙏😱😩, so as a promise, I dropped art and pick up Spanish I think!  Best decision.

Anyway as I attempt to do the challenge I really fumbled and in-spite of having so much fun, again lack of talent, so I stop or won't do it as often, 

Not a big deal I  always high lighted in my bible so I kept doing that and add a sticker but nothing much.

how-ever, I kept joining these face book groups and keep falling in love with the concept, so a year ago I decided to call the devil a liar and restore my joy and desire to do some bible art journaling and I did… 

I had to figure out, what works for me, I allow God to speak through me and I use stickers and pictures and yes sometimes I draw as I continue to find my way through this process and use it as my "gift to God", I continued to join face book groups in the Bible journaling community, hoping I will pick up some ideas along the way and will make a difference, but it was always overwhelming, it's hard not to compare when you see so many people pages, but as a promise to myself and God, I just kept at my pace, my ability, my worship, but still shy about sharing, then a few times, after a couple "5 seconds of bravery" I decided to share some of my pages on my Facebook page, oh my world, the message to help some one get started or wanting more information. Even to for a local group etc was overwhelming and encouraging.

So I kept on, keeping on, then, last month I joined "one last group" on Facebook and that decision has literally turn my life around 

The support, the love, the prayers, the swapping, the happy mail and yes the encouraging.

So today, I celebrate 2 years of bible journaling, I have come a long way, the process and progress has been steady and amazing and as I bond with my daughter over bible art journaling, I am so blessed by an amazing God that loves me so much, that he says "try again", you are good enough, you are enough and your praises to me is enough! 

So now I create tip-in, bible verse card, prayer cards, washi tape, #napkin art, what the what? oh yeah the language of  a worshipper who used bible journaling as part of her worship 

Let every breath I breathe worship you! 

I am a worshipper (go figure) as if you didn't figure that out from some of my post. Worship music and worship is my addiction,it what I do when I am happy, sad, alone, scared…….

I put on worship music, I quiet my heart, I lift my hands up and I surrender my will to God's will and I stay there! or want to stay there.

I know exactly what song will get me to the next phase and just if you are in my company, the hope is I won't put on repeat……

I have always loved music but once I learned Revelation 4:11 and realized my soul purpose was/is to worship a living God and then I fall in love with liturgical dance and that was all she wrote!!!

Right now as I type this blog, I am listening "shout to the lord" by hill song! Oh my world 

My Jesus! my savior! Lord there is none like you! All of my days I want to praise, the wonder of your mighty love.

A love that stretches so high, so wide, so low, a love that set me free every time.

Mountains bowed down and the seas roared at the sound  of your voice……

Oh lord oh God how majestic is your name! 

Then quietly I surrender my will, my burden, my tears, my fears

Denise’s perspective! 

So I mentioned about a week ago! I had big news and part of that news where my daughter Rae-Kyea co-blogging with me,

Well here is my next big “surprise”, I have asked a couple of my friends to write a piece to be featured here and today we get to hear from my friend Denise

She is a Home-school mom, who loves God with her whole heart and a fellow bible-art journaler, swap sister, penpals, who I call #swapsisters 

Denise’s conversation with her daughter:

Okay, I started writing, not even having a clue what I was going to say. I came up with this. 
I was talking with my daughter earlier about judging people. She said that God loved her, even though she wasn’t worthy and the least she could do was love others. Why is that so hard sometimes? Loving others should come so simply. But satan sneaks in and steals our joy. He wants to cause chaos. If we just love as Jesus loves us, we will be truly fulfilled. We all have our scars and flaws. But God loves us anyway. We are grumpy, we do things unpleasing to Him, we do not do the work He wants us to, and He STILL loves us! Oh to love others that unconditionally. What an amazing love that is. Let’s try to see others through our Jesus glasses. Look upon them as He would. Don’t concentrate on the “bad” things. Give more compliments. Smile at strangers. Do random acts of kindness. Those little things could make a huge difference in the lives of others. The world can be a cold, harsh place. But we can change it. Reach out to someone. Be that light in the darkness. Be that shoulder to cry on. Let the world see God through you. You will find that by giving to others, you will fill your own heart with happiness!