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These daughters of mine”

Over the weekend as the world go crazy and the pictures on social media seem to be something out of several centuries, and I had to check to see if we had all “gone through a time machine” I had the pleasure of spending some times with my daughters #winning.
Well if you know my girls they are as different as different can be, and if you asked any of them, they claimed one or all of them is adopted and have families looking for them (inside family joke)

Well I love spending time with them especially in this season, I am reminded of how precious time is!

This weekend included a trip to the grocery store for Sunday dinner, yes oh my world, what have I gotten myself into, Rae-Kyea wanted dinner ideas that was easy, no prep and she couldnt mess up, Rae-Quel wanted tacos, crunchy and truth be told I just wanted to go home and go in my cave, with Caribbean steam provision and stew chicken back!!!!!

And yes there is the problem, with out the boys as “tie breakers” or “more choices” I was left to shop for 3 different meals… okay not a problem, let’s do this!

Well shopping is never easy, not on a Sunday, not with food allergies and not when you have 3 meals and one of them included an international food….

As I think back on my Sunday I smile, because as crazy as it was, I absolutely had fun with the girls, as I watch Rae-quel teased Rae-Kyea about not being able to cook, Rae-Kyea just wants me to move in and cook for her, not happening! And I just want to grab some stuff sonI can get to my “cave”….

As I go over all my ideas of #enoch friendly easy (my idea of easy) meals that will be pleasing to her hubby who is also from the Caribbean, my daughter gave me this look as if I had just enter the twilight zone, and a very strong no mom! can I have regular “American” sweet potatoes (lol) regular and American is over rated!!!!

Okay we survived that trip that time and Ms Kyea was in her way home to make Spanish rice, bake chicken with green beans and I will “standby” on my phone for the 1000 texts that will follow this process.
Kelly and I was on our way with items for taco and Caribbean “dry food” and stew chicken (no chicken back )….

Yes Sunday dinner was a blast and at the end of the day, time with my girls were so worth it…



“Burden bearer”

To say I love to worship, is an understatement, you have seen the blogs on music and worship and if you follow me on Facebook, most days you want to block me and say enough already! Yes #musicislife #worshipismyvice. The thing is today I was studying Galatians 6:2 , to make an entry in my bible and as I get distracted, I had to get up to check on my daughter, the pets, just the house, I start looking at the time and getting frustrated because what I had plan for my quiet time this morning still wasn't done!

Don't get me wrong, I have been in my bible journaling room since 3am and has gotten a lot done but what I had set aside for today, is still on the table.

So as I come back to my bible and getting ready to figure out how I want the page. I think of all the distraction of the morning, the things that seemly took me away from my worship, from my alone,quiet time with God…. right!

Wrong! Checking to see if my daughter had a seizure or is ok, answering a text from my other daughter, checking on a friend, messaging a friend to let her know what her gifts meant to me, walking my son's dog so he can sleep in a little later, getting some scraps for a friend (yes my distraction of the morning) and the list goes on was part of my worship time, not outside, not distracted, not instead of, it is part of what I do as a Christian, as I bear others burden it's is my worship to God to say thank you for being my burden bearer, for taking my burdens on you back to Calvary and as I yoke up with you, I am also able to link up with my friends and family and bear their burden.

It's my worship to you! This is my gift, my worship, my prayer to you, as I live out "Christ in me the hope of glory"………..


“Murphy’s law meets warrior princess”

"Pregnancy problems",as she calls them!

Rae-Quell having a difficult pregnancy is an under statement. She gives new meaning to HG, morning sickness and a heighten sense of smell that goes right back to the never- ending nauseous and vomiting.

And just in case that not enough let's add seizure, migraine, 22q to that mix and yeah she is having a "wonderful" time.

Once again the girl changes her major and decides she is going to get her CDA before the baby gets here and after calling a couple day-care centers she found one that allows her to do her volunteers hours…..

This morning, " Murphy's law" shows up, rushing to meet me for breakfast before I meet up with a client, she left her wallet at home, having to get off the bus a few stops from home, and having to walk back to the house only to realized she is locked out again, yes back to the bus stop praying a driver will let her ride, to me….

Yay but for grace she got to me, money in hand for a new buss pass and on her way to her program, she goes right, not a problem….

Then I get the text, I'm done with this day, I lost my "smart trip" yep the same one I just gave her money to buy….. and she typed I just want to go back to bed and start over but I can't even do that because I am locked out…… oh boy I feel you!
Yes I want to tell her call the center, cancel, come get my keys and go home and do some bible journaling…..

Nope! This is life, as much as we don't like to do "adulting" we just had to deal….

So I typed, breathe! Take the money for my "swaps supplies" get something to eat, get a new bus pass and go to your program….

I know something's she doesn't know, going to the center and working with the kids will be exactly what she needs and most importantly, this "warrior princess" is going to "slay her giants" and keep on keeping on!

So off with your head "Mr. Murphy's Law", look out this warrior princess is coming for you and you my friend is going to fall….#slayinggiantsisahobbyforus

So to her program, she went and is still there!


Love shows up

Love is a 4 letter that brings a whole lot of emotions.

Of course you dealing with matters of the heart and of the most vulnerable organ, you have to protect it, out of it flows life and the issues of life, so we take a great deal of care and try with every we have to protect it

Sometimes even with the best effort, love shows up in so many ways.

A youth concern about your health.
A random conversation with a youth that you realized even death can't separate you from them, or I troll Facebook and those same youths are fighting for their share of love and attention 😱

Love shows up when out of the little he has, he honors what you sows in to him and tell you let him pay for your drink

Love shows up in a daughter's love that surprise you at the store,

Oh love shows up when one of those dysfunctional youths worry about you, live in an "elderly home" and is willing to put you in the"future" home and "take good care of you"

Oh love shows up when a friend goes out his way to ensure another friend gets off from work safely.

Yes love shows up when one fell sick and they all covered her in prayers and support.

Sometimes loves shows up in strangers that becomes, sister friends, prayer partner

Love shows up on a tough day as "happy mail"

Love shows up with a message saying "are you ok"

As much as we don't want to get hurt and loving some-one is risk getting hurt, love real love, true love will show up in unusual places

Love is..

An action word! When asked how much you love me he says so much and died for me… love is God, love is kind! Love does not boast, Love doesn't not hurt, loves lifts up not pulled down, loves bears all things, endure alls things. Love is gentle…..

I can go on! I did a word search on one of my bible app and as I type love is…. so much Scripture came up! 

I google what love is and googled had all theses memes, and quotes and yep Wikipedia, love is an action word……

Why am I researching love. I should know what it looks like, what it smells like, 

I love to create math problems that has no solution and tell my kids that's how much I love them and I do love them to infinity times infinity (squared), ……..can't explain how they makes me feel, can't explain how I feel about God.

We use love as an excuse, or reason! I love you but you hurting me (an abusive relationship) 

You making me do this but I love you (you put it back on me, so it has conditions) 

I'm doing the best here! Not sure I believe that but ok….

Then I breathe and I say! for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son! 

That it! That's loved, he gave his all so I can have eternal life, so I don't hurt. So I won't die for my sin.

A friend post on Facebook! Love is when some-one wiped your tears and hold you after you left them hanging on a cross for your sin- that's love! That's what it looks like, that's what it feels like……

I don't have to because he already paid for me….

It's like going to this 5 star restaurant and eating for free, every day of your lives, every meal and some one picks up your tab and that still can't compare to God's love. 

He paid the debt I owed, I owed a debt, I couldn't pay and because he loves me so much! No greater love has……..except for the one that stretch his arms and die for me. 

There is no sin, nothing I can do that God won't put on Jesus back 

That's love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

“The cost of a stamp”

I am taking part in Illustrated Faith, 30 days of happy mail, sending, spread good cheer and God's love for 30 days.

Well I have been doing it since June (yes more than 30 days) and yesterday I decided to post in one of my bible art journaling group, if any one wanted to receive "happy mail" to message me your address!

Oh my world! What did I start, the address came and came and came!

But so many people wanted to know more, want to do their own 30 days. 

This morning as I sit at my desk working on some of the mail before work, I realized all it cost to encourage some-one and spread a little cheer is a stamp!

The cost of a stamp to make this world a little brighter…

“A mother’s Decision”

My daughter Rae-Quel is living with Microduplication 22q11.2 (similar to De-George Syndrome), and is now 12 weeks pregnant.

It’s funny when I talk to Rae-Quell about taking care of her because “taking care of her, is taking care of the baby”, also trying to instill “self care” now because as a mom, a single mom, the desire and need to put your child 100 percent before you is so great and overwhelming that “self care” is a learned luxury but really is a necessity to make it through the next 18 years plus!

Anyway, as I go to her appointment I am so proud of Rae-Quel as she makes decision, which test to do, and why? Which one she can wait for?

Usually her first question is “will it hurt my baby”? Sounds like a great mom in the making, I watch her struggle with wanting to know if her baby has the same syndrome or another syndrome and the desire to protect her baby at all cost, don’t let anything happens to my baby she prays, don’t do any test that will put her/him,  in danger she pleas, she already has to deal with being in my body!!! 

It seem like the odds are already stacked at this new grandbaby and this “young” mom!

My heart break as I watch her break the cocoon to become a beautiful, butterfly

I watched and I pray but I am impress of her questions and her choices and her decision, she knows the odds, she knows the risk, no matter how she gets here, she has a life that depends on her and she will be this baby moms for the rest of the baby life and will always find herself having to make a decision. 

She has watched me struggle and has learn and is learning from my decisions, she will make hers and no matter where I am, I will always be supporting her and encouraging her and doing what’s best for her, because she is my daughter and my baby! Like her I ask, how does this affect Rae-Quel, will this hurt Rae-Quel, what are the risk to my baby! How can I keep her safe and she struggles to keep her child safe!

A parent knows how to give good gifts to their child! Will a parent will give a scorpion when asked for a fish, 

See we have the best example of parenting and unconditional love, because God is the good good father, he has set the standards so high that we can!

Yes Rae-Quel will make mistakes, she will learn some hard lesson, she will continued to learn how to thrive with a genetic disorder, while raising a baby and she will have a family that supports her unconditionally, she will have arms to hold her as she falls apart, she will have some one to text and say “your grandchild”

She will experience all the emotions of parenting and she will grow!!!