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“I’m on my way”

As a Day-care provider, circle time was my favorite, 10 mins per day and the kids learned so much, they learned by repetition,
We did the same songs, nursery rhymes, every day, redundant you say… yes there were times I changed up just a bit, and then we do a short activity to re-enforce. I have always loved the Montessori way of teaching and then later added the emerging to home-schooling my kids, I have alway advocate to teach kids how they learn…
Anyway this blog is not about teaching or learning! Go figure! After 2 paragraph.

The thing is one of my favorite thing to say/sing during circle time was "going on a bear hunt", it had every thing, you needed to teach in it. repetition, action and imagination, yes let's go on a bear hunt and see what we will find!

Well I have change the word to that poem, to try and tell about my "faith walk" in this season

Adapted from "going on a bear hunt"

Going to Canaan, gonna see my healer
come across sickness
Can't go around it, can't go over it, gotta go through it.

Going to Canaan, gotta see my provider.
Come across being fired
Can't go around it, can't go over it
Can't go under it, gotta go through it.

Going to Canaan. Gotta see Jesus…
Come upon a struggle.
Can't go over it
Can't go under it
Gotta go through it

Come fire! Come storm, come mountains, come devil… gotta go through it!!!



“Chronicles of a bible journaler”

So you have to be living under a rock if you have not heard or seen #bibleartjournaling. There is a whole community of people like me, who draws, colors in our bible as a way to study God's word and make it real to us!

Well 2 years ago a friend of mines, tag me in a post on a bible art journaling challenge and I attempt to do it. 

Then I remember the words of an art teacher in 10th grade, begging me to drop his class and he will give me a B…. that was a very hard earned B, I really did try but  some how, straight lines. Water paint, and so on,just escape my ability to put them together and make something beautiful 🙏😱😩, so as a promise, I dropped art and pick up Spanish I think!  Best decision.

Anyway as I attempt to do the challenge I really fumbled and in-spite of having so much fun, again lack of talent, so I stop or won't do it as often, 

Not a big deal I  always high lighted in my bible so I kept doing that and add a sticker but nothing much.

how-ever, I kept joining these face book groups and keep falling in love with the concept, so a year ago I decided to call the devil a liar and restore my joy and desire to do some bible art journaling and I did… 

I had to figure out, what works for me, I allow God to speak through me and I use stickers and pictures and yes sometimes I draw as I continue to find my way through this process and use it as my "gift to God", I continued to join face book groups in the Bible journaling community, hoping I will pick up some ideas along the way and will make a difference, but it was always overwhelming, it's hard not to compare when you see so many people pages, but as a promise to myself and God, I just kept at my pace, my ability, my worship, but still shy about sharing, then a few times, after a couple "5 seconds of bravery" I decided to share some of my pages on my Facebook page, oh my world, the message to help some one get started or wanting more information. Even to for a local group etc was overwhelming and encouraging.

So I kept on, keeping on, then, last month I joined "one last group" on Facebook and that decision has literally turn my life around 

The support, the love, the prayers, the swapping, the happy mail and yes the encouraging.

So today, I celebrate 2 years of bible journaling, I have come a long way, the process and progress has been steady and amazing and as I bond with my daughter over bible art journaling, I am so blessed by an amazing God that loves me so much, that he says "try again", you are good enough, you are enough and your praises to me is enough! 

So now I create tip-in, bible verse card, prayer cards, washi tape, #napkin art, what the what? oh yeah the language of  a worshipper who used bible journaling as part of her worship 

“The cost of a stamp”

I am taking part in Illustrated Faith, 30 days of happy mail, sending, spread good cheer and God's love for 30 days.

Well I have been doing it since June (yes more than 30 days) and yesterday I decided to post in one of my bible art journaling group, if any one wanted to receive "happy mail" to message me your address!

Oh my world! What did I start, the address came and came and came!

But so many people wanted to know more, want to do their own 30 days. 

This morning as I sit at my desk working on some of the mail before work, I realized all it cost to encourage some-one and spread a little cheer is a stamp!

The cost of a stamp to make this world a little brighter…