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Oh sweet Texas!

Today, I went to target and dollar store picking up some stuff to sent it mission u too as my September swap commitment, with the sweet sister in my Facebook group.

It was harder than I thought because what the most need, well for me stickers for a child over-rides tooth paste maybe not and yeah I can here the argument the point is mental health is just as important as basic needs so adding a coloring book and crayon can give a mom something to hold on to!

I remember when Harvey was going to hit SVG, I stalked Facebook to make sure my friends and family was safe, thank you Jesus for your protection, so yep having live through hurricane I know what Texas is feeling but never to this extent

So the same hurricane passed over the Caribbean and yes it dumped a lot of rain in some areas but nothing like this and heaven knows it would have wiped out the entire country had it been this strong, so the logic answer is it picked up strength as it cross the Atlantic or is SVG and the Caribbean more faithful than Texas and American

Is Harvey God’s punishment to America?

That seem to be the question when there is a tragedy, where is God? Why did he allow this? Why did he make this happen?

We let’s just say I believe God is in heaven and is “saying,” wait till I get your attention” he isn’t! He is a Good Good father, who knows how to give great gifts to his children and he does not take pleasure in our suffering, so back to the question. WHY? Well I can think of 2, it’s hurricane season and Mother Nature has a mind of her own except for the grace of God.

Okay we are better as a country because of Harvey, I am sure we will soon forget, because that what we do and we will go back to Judging each other base on of skin color, religion and politics.

The thing is I still saw some “of the Devastation was in the black area would it have gotten the coverage”, really! Still after this you want to play the “race card”, well every one will use what ever for the scam and 5 mins fame and God is not move by it….

Okay so I have said a lot but I have not answer my original question why and where is God? Did he cause this?

The thing is today as I look for a scripture to journal on “Harvey/Texas”, I saw so many about floods, water storm and as I read them trying to figure out which one and how I wanted to do it.

I realized none of the scripture said, I will stop the storm, I stop the flood.

It says when you go through the water…. I will be with you

many water has…. but he delivered.

So he is in the storm with us, he is going to deliver us from the flood but never did he say he will stop them! Why? What does God know about storms, water and flood, and the lesson they teaches us, that he doesn’t stop them, but instead he is right there with us…

do not be afraid, I have redeemed you, I have call you by name you are mines.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you!