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“Through my father’s eyes”

All of my kids wears glasses, except for Rae-Quel, it’s an inherited gene, on both side of the family, but definitely from the parsons (my father’s family)

Anyway, my daughter Rae-Kyea has been wearing glasses since she has been 2, and her eyes are very similar in prescriptions to mines,

Rae-Kyea glasses got broken a couple days ago, and had to taped the frame until she can get her new ones because she cannot see with out them.

Today was her appointment and I received a text. ” going to see how blind I am”
So my respond to her “very blind, you get it from your mama”, and then I type that’s ok we have our fathers eyes, we get to see the good in people and see through his eyes, since our eyes are useless.

Even with the strongest prescription, as close to what they can put in a frame, I think mines eyes at 18/200, really bad, glasses help takes the straight and give some focus but really not much…
I have lived with this my entire love and has adapt and as learned to cope, look for building as landmark, etc

I have stopped and cry so many times, when I get lost because I can’t see numbers, street sign in a new area and it can be frustrated, but my life is so much richer, because I get to see people how God sees them, I get to not look with my eyes but see with my heart,
I get to see things through God eyes and yes even in the nature, in a new area, I get to depend on God, to help me “see” what I need!

So this morning as my daughter gets fitted for her new “eyes” and hearing our “heavy” her glasses will be, I get to reminder her and myself that eyes like ours are very special!!! And that’s a blessing….