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“I’m on my way”

As a Day-care provider, circle time was my favorite, 10 mins per day and the kids learned so much, they learned by repetition,
We did the same songs, nursery rhymes, every day, redundant you say… yes there were times I changed up just a bit, and then we do a short activity to re-enforce. I have always loved the Montessori way of teaching and then later added the emerging to home-schooling my kids, I have alway advocate to teach kids how they learn…
Anyway this blog is not about teaching or learning! Go figure! After 2 paragraph.

The thing is one of my favorite thing to say/sing during circle time was "going on a bear hunt", it had every thing, you needed to teach in it. repetition, action and imagination, yes let's go on a bear hunt and see what we will find!

Well I have change the word to that poem, to try and tell about my "faith walk" in this season

Adapted from "going on a bear hunt"

Going to Canaan, gonna see my healer
come across sickness
Can't go around it, can't go over it, gotta go through it.

Going to Canaan, gotta see my provider.
Come across being fired
Can't go around it, can't go over it
Can't go under it, gotta go through it.

Going to Canaan. Gotta see Jesus…
Come upon a struggle.
Can't go over it
Can't go under it
Gotta go through it

Come fire! Come storm, come mountains, come devil… gotta go through it!!!



“Faith like…..

In H2H, we are study “Faith of our Fathers”, from Abraham to Joseph, and each “father” is assigned to someone.

I want to say “Faith like our founders”, you know the ones in the “wall of frame” that says by faith…… and we say we’ll done! Yeah I want Abraham faith, I want …… faith.

As I was looking for pictures of Isaac for H2H,  I want to imagine the walk, what was going through Abraham mind  when he packed a lunch knowing he was going to sacrifice his only son, his promised son, his heir, the one that God told him he will make him a father of nations, but here he is going up the mountain to sacrifice his only son.

Did he cry? Did he pray? Did he hold Isaac hands a little closer, did he walk a little slower 

Was Isaac chatty as little boys are, how do you stay calm when your son asked where is the sacrifice  

Did  he question, did he hear God correctly? Did Abraham at any point think of what it will be like not to obey God, or did he just totally surrender to God’s will and say “Jehovah Jireh “, you are the God that provides.

I question God, I scream! I cry! I asked him is he sure? I asked why? And with a heavy heart sometimes, most time I asked them to help me completely surrender by faith. And then I pray and play worship music.