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Thriving and Striving Not Just Surviving

If you had asked me up to maybe a year ago how am I doing? My answer would’ve been “I survived” “I am surviving”. I have survived my past, got the book, the t-shirt, and the mug. I had to overcome a lot to get where I am, professionally and personally. I am still overcoming. I have gone from victim to victor, yes I have survived. Well Jesus came so I can have life abundantly. He does not want me just to survive, he wants me to thrive and keep striving. So as I really look back and write my Ebeneezer journey. I did not just survive my past, I thrived within it. I conquered those mountains by using those bumps as stepping stones and I found a way to be the best in the midst of it. That’s thriving. That’s striving for an abundant life. That’s living out Ps. 91 That’s my testimony.



30 Days to Normal

If you have been following me on my blogs or social media, you will know my life is anything but normal. I usually tell people it is my “normal” because this is my life. I have to learn to adaptĀ  to emergency and life interruptions and find normal for me and my family. Most motivated speakers and counselors will say it takes 21 days to break or create a habit and that is true. In any of life changes or circumstance, if you survived your first 30 days you can survive this change even if its a situtation of lost. Life will go on , you will adapt to the change and you will find a normal routine. The key is to not give up, take it one day at a time, and don’t forget to breathe. At the end you will say it is/has worked for my good.

Accepting Apologies

My newest grandbaby Kaleb Nehemiah Young is here. He is actually 2 months old and like his mama, like all great mamas before her is so in love with him. As I watch my daughters step into their roles of wife and mom. I am so proud of them. As I watch and listen to Rae-Quel conquer single parenting. I told her so was her mother before her. Its not the legacy I want for her and Kaleb but if I say so myself, I rocked single parenting and my warrior princess is doing the same. Yes she has amazing support that includes a bigger brother or as she calls him her biggest big brother is fiercely protecting her and Kaleb. Its so wonderful to see and as she complains with joy and pride on her face and in her heart of the things Kaleb is doing or not letting her do, I can’t help but smile and let her know I am accepting apologies and will be waiting for them whenever she is ready because they will be coming my way soon. Yes I am that petty to rub it in.


Beyond the Yes

This blog has been on my heart for a couple of weeks as I ponder how and if I really want to write it. I choose to write a couple different blogs but can’t seem to get this out of my system so here I go.

” I say yes lord yes to your will and way” then what? What comes after the yes. I’m sure if I ask 100 people this question I will get at least 80 different answers, varying from doing work to lifestyle and everything in between. The answer will be as different as there are teaching, demonstrations, and faith. So as we go beyond the yes and get into the center of his will, trusting his way, even when we don’t understand it and trusting him. That is going beyond the yes. That is walking out our salvation. It may be different for each of us but we have to push pass salvation and get to living the center of his will… going Beyond The Yes


Anna’s Story (NO/YES- Did I give Permission)

This is another story of my Starbucks conversations series. Anna is a 20 year old that lives in Sasha Bruce home for unaccompanied/runaway youth. I met her when I went to sign up to volunteer at their program. As I tour the building my eyes caught a poster on one of the walls in the community room. It was about “breaking the silence” on incest, rape, and abuse. Even though I had seen many posters, this one really stayed with me. No still means No and Yes is not allowed. Wow! Well this brings me to my session with Anna and her caseworker. She was re-calling her past history of sexual abuse for several family members and her biggest issue was Did her silence give consent? Because she never said no to her dad, uncle, and family members. It was a lot of guilt on her and one of the reason why she was/is living at the home. She ran away from home and started abusing prescription pills to numb the pain. She described her life as a functioning depression, havong no joy as she went through her daily routine. I actually had a moment to pray and do a bible study with her because from my personal experience its hard to “see” God as the perfect parent when your human parents were…. but he really is the ultimate good father.

As I listen to Anna tell us about her uncle who used to “feel her up” almost everytime she visit their home which was alot since her and her sibling would go over their after school. She talked about a cousin who picked her up after school and take her to secluded places and have sex with her, even teaching her “how to move” before taking her home and this was also the case of another cousin. It was hard listening to her. I can’t imagine living it. Her questions stayed with me as I ask myself them over again looking for the right answer. How did these men know she was going to stay quiet? Was her silence consent? Since she continued not to tell and went with the family members was that saying yes? That is the reason the poster stayed with me. Can a femaleĀ  give consent by being silent by staying silent to rape and sexual abuse from her family members. I am grateful that she is finally safe and on her way to recovery


(Disclaimer: I was given permission to tell this story but names were changed to protect her privacy)

Thank You

To My Followers, Thank You. When I started this blog I had no idea what I was going to blog about. I am not tech savvy, and my daughters helped created the blog. I am not a writer and English is my weakness. Math and Science are my strengths and I know I have a story to share, I can “add value”. I was scared and after being criticized of “telling too much” on social media I was hesitant but I am so grateful to my four kids who encouraged me and didn’t have a problem with me writing about our lives and struggles. I still remember the first time my daughter Rae-Kyea read my blogs and text me all excited telling me that they were good, I am good. She texted ” Mom, you are good at this, these are great”. Rae-Kyea, I love you so much. Thank you Ray-Shawn for liking my blogs and letting me share your story. Oh Rae-Quel, My warrior princess as you roll your eyes and ask “is nothing personal” but still willingly help me put blogs up and help teach me how to do the website. Thanks Tim for just telling me “I don’t care if you share stuff”. You guys are the wind beneath my wings and I will always soar with you.

To my readers. my rainbow friend. My Followers. Thanks for the comments, the likes, the encouragements and the follows. Writing does not come easy for me but I strive to be honest and share my story and inspiration but most my faith so I am grateful that you stopped by and keep coming back. You are part of this journey and the miracles of my life. who knew this girl from Evesham will have a blog that is reaching social media. I am humble and grateful. Thank you

#Tears #Gratitude

Highly Recommended

If you are a follower of Monique’s Miracles you know at least three things about me so far.

  1. I love to read
  2. I love to worship
  3. I love my amazing kids and the life I have with them.

so I decided to do this blog about books that I will recommend. Monique’s Must Reads list in no specific order, just as they come to my mind.

  1. Choose to See by Mary Beth Chapman
  2. Having faith when God doesnt make sense by James Dopson
  3. Hinds feet on high places by Joyce Myers
  4. Beauty for Ashes by Joyce Myers
  5. Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Myers
  6. I love you Forever by Robert Munch
  7. 7 Habits of highly effective people
  8. The four agreements
  9. Forgiven by Terri Roberts
  10. Amish Grace

To my readers please feel free to leave your recommended list in the comments