“Burden bearer”

To say I love to worship, is an understatement, you have seen the blogs on music and worship and if you follow me on Facebook, most days you want to block me and say enough already! Yes #musicislife #worshipismyvice. The thing is today I was studying Galatians 6:2 , to make an entry in my bible and as I get distracted, I had to get up to check on my daughter, the pets, just the house, I start looking at the time and getting frustrated because what I had plan for my quiet time this morning still wasn't done!

Don't get me wrong, I have been in my bible journaling room since 3am and has gotten a lot done but what I had set aside for today, is still on the table.

So as I come back to my bible and getting ready to figure out how I want the page. I think of all the distraction of the morning, the things that seemly took me away from my worship, from my alone,quiet time with God…. right!

Wrong! Checking to see if my daughter had a seizure or is ok, answering a text from my other daughter, checking on a friend, messaging a friend to let her know what her gifts meant to me, walking my son's dog so he can sleep in a little later, getting some scraps for a friend (yes my distraction of the morning) and the list goes on was part of my worship time, not outside, not distracted, not instead of, it is part of what I do as a Christian, as I bear others burden it's is my worship to God to say thank you for being my burden bearer, for taking my burdens on you back to Calvary and as I yoke up with you, I am also able to link up with my friends and family and bear their burden.

It's my worship to you! This is my gift, my worship, my prayer to you, as I live out "Christ in me the hope of glory"………..



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