“A blast from the past”

"Okay I done gone and bumped me head" lol, those words of a rainbow seeker friend as she described me and my advice!

Well I really has bumped my head! So I am listening to worship music, that's not new but this time I am on YouTube listening to worship music from SVG, wishing and remembering a time that was so simple, faith was so simple or so it seem.

As I listens to some of the familiar words, the steel band as part of worship, remembering being on the street corners on a Sunday evening, testifying, sing, praising of the goodness of God with out realizing how good he really was,

The memories kept coming and yes it brings a smile to my face, even those memories of old crushes, old flings, old boy-friend….

But as the memory comes I remember falling in love with God and singing I keep falling in love with you over and over and over again, and yes as I listen, sing and remember. I keep falling in love with him over and over again, I am older, I have gone through some stuff, going through some stuff and will go through some stuff but I keep falling in love with an amazing God, who keeps me in the midst of it all…..

So as I breath in and enjoy some music from SVG, I am awesomely reminded of the covenant made to follow him all the way, no turning back no turning back !!!!


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