Freely choose 

So yesterday my youngest daughter asked if she can lead devotion on one of the women in the Bible study for H2H,today we had Mary the Mother of Jesus and even tho she was already assigned to some one else,I decided to let Rae-quel do it also, it won’t be the first time 2 person did one women,

Anyway Rae-Quel did her research and she came saying, I only see stuff with her about Jesus, was that all she is known for and I smile because it really is a big and amazing thing to be known as the mother of the savior, leave it to my child to say “only”.

Anyway, she did her research and then she posted it and as I read. I am getting convicted, because you see, several years ago my adopted mom and Rob prayed I start a moms group and I whine and complain, I don’t do adults, I don’t like adults, I won’t last a day. I don’t deal with drama and gossip!!! and they keep praying and I keep resisting. 

It has been 2 months and H2H has grown beyond my wildest dream, I get so many positive feedbacks and it’s truly “to God be all the glory”, because I keep saying “send some one else”
Well Mary,made a conscious decision,inspire of being a teenager, engage to be married to some-one else,could be stone to death……..she freely choose to be FULLY cooperate in the grace granted her…….

Yes! Yes! And yes! I want to be like Mary.


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