I can’t with them

I absolutely love my kids, even tho after reading this post you may 🤔 but yep, they are mines and on most days, they are all keepers except when they now.

Tim and my convo.

Me: so I have a blog 

Tim: why? 

Me because I have stuff to say and people want read what I have to say. 

Tim: ok. (Not the ok cool mom, that’s awesome, the ok if you say so)

As he goes back to his activity!

Raequel and my convo 

(Sharing the stats of my blog) 

Me: so I can add international blogger to my resume ( phone on face) 

Raequel: (rolling eyes, no attention to stats)

Rayshawn and my convo 

Me: hey have you read my blog

Shawn: no and I’m not going to 

Me: why not? I talk about different things

Shawn: ok (shrugging) 

Raekyea: mom I read some of your blog you are really good! 

Yes thank you! You are my child and I love you…. you sibling will be at the corner looking for “their people” (inside joke) 

Oh well they keep me humbled 


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