Brand new mercies! 

I remember the first time I learned Lamentation 3, his mercies are new every morning! 

What wait a minute, every morning I get up, I get brand new mercies! Right! So no matter what happen yesterday, as if some one wave a magic wand, I will wake up and yesterday’s problem will be solved, everything will be alright, I will get new mercies to deal with something new, yep sign me up! I like that!!!!! Wrong😬😱🤦‍♀️

I have learned yes hos mercies are new every morning and Great is his faithfulness, we don’t have to deal with today’s, yesterday, and last week problems today, with yesterday grace and mercy.

So even tho my situation may not have changed over night, today I have brand new mercies to tackle it another day. 

Yep! Some one should have explain that to me…


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