A mother’s redemption story but for  her daughters  grace!!! 

Most of you, who are my friends and know us personal, knows I didn’t like my daughters choice, I had my reason and most of them was good, because that was my daughter and only the best was for her and he didn’t make the cut!!!

I fought with him and draw lines in the sand! Divided my family. If you like him then you could like me, that was a betrayal…. 

oh the prayers that I prayed!  But she stuck by him and by me….. she made her choice!!! She loves both of us and she was choicing both of us…

It was hard almost impossible, I can only imagine the strain it had on her family but for the love of a daughter’s love, grace and mercy, she never turned her back on me

She could have/ should have for the sake of her family and marriage but her love conquered all….

So many time she told me but you are my mom and I love you, can’t you like him, just try …

So for her sake I tried! I stood back and I looked at her family and I realized I can’t be the reason why she failed, I can’t be the reason why her marriage failed and I won’t put her in the middle, I won’t let her chose…. 

so touch by my daughters grace and love, this mom has an amazing relationship with an amazing daughter, mother and wife! 

So proud to call her mines and so grateful for the lesson and example she shows me daily! 



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