Because of them we are! 

I am siting at Starbucks, making calls, wishing my aunts, cousins and friends a Happy Mother’s Day.

I think the 2 best calls is from my child hood friend Jasmine and school friend Daliah, of course talking to them means going down memeory lane, exactly what a “wannabe blogger” needs more materials to blog about! 

As I talk with Jazzie about our moms and childhood and we still marveled that those girls from Evesham,  are now moms and in my case a grand-ma and as I wish her a happy Mother’s Day and let her know “her mom will be so proud of her”, she responded Nicole Allen, parson, young, Craig Byron (love that sister girl) how could we not be! How could we not be the moms we are when we had moms like ours….. 

I smile because I don’t always see eye to eye with my mom and most of the time our relationship needs a lot of prayers, heaven helps me. Mother and daughter well….

But I remember a time when my mom was my best friend, I remember a time my mom set me up with Jasmine cousin, I remembered the mom and youth minister who crammed me and my friends for “bible quiz competition”, I remember that mom that stood over the coal pot making “dinner” for my siblings and I.

I remembered the mom that left my siblings as she came looking for me.

The mom that panicked when gas was low and the vans were on strick wondering how I would get home, until she got the call I went to my grandparents.

The mom that sat on her bed and taught me “gentle Jesus” 

The one that when I said I wanted to get baptized made sure I was doing it for all the right reason.

We have our problems and we will always have our problems but one thing I can count on as she annoys me and I want to say like Rae-Quel “go away” is that she is always just a phone call away. 

Yes because of them we can! 

In memory of Doro! My “other” mom 


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