So yesterday I had one of those day (since I am writing this at 1am on Thursday) I had to get through a really tough appointment that just made my migraine worst and my emotions…..

So I’m talking to RMG and he is “go home get some rest, since you off today” so my response “I don’t make promises”, of course if you know me resting at 2pm in the evening is not like me, now I would most likely come home and do some bible art journaling, but at the time of the conversation with the weather being nice I wanted to look at my options even with a migraine. 

Anyway as I say I don’t make promises, I was being “stubborn”, but there are truths to it. 

I don’t make promises because I grew up hearing  the phase ” a promise is a comfort to a fool”, yeah as mom, I preferred to surprise my kids, there were times I made promise and something happen and I could fulfilled it and I replayed to myself “a promise is a comfort to a fool”. 

I am older, I know things happen, I know more than most, especially when you are a mom of 2 kids with medical special needs, life happen and sometime promise gets broken, but for me is seem like promises are made very lighting, and it’s easily explained, oh I am sorry but…. and sometimes from my perspective, did you really try to keep your promise.

I am awake because I did come home and shut down,  (dark room therapy) and did fall asleep of court I am awake now, the thing is as I lay here listening to worship music and reading some scripture to post for my heart to hand moms, I am reminded of the scripture that says it’s better to not make a vow, than making it and not pay it.

Yes it’s talking about making vows to God, but in a society when your words really does not mean anything, marriage vows and commitment are broken, and we can get the attitude of oh I am sorry but…. (I can’t keep my promise)

Have we considered the other person, their feelings, their spirit, their anticipation….. 

is a promise nothing more than a comfort to a fool heart. 


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