Laura Story, has a song called “Blessing”, she sings about the “what if”, what if your storms, your struggles, your pains was his blessing. What!!!! Seriously, trials and test is my blessing, I want to scream “who wants that type of blessing? Who wants a God that uses “hardship” as a blessing !!’ 

Well Rob has a different way of putting it, anytime I complaint about my day, doctors, migraine, blah blah!! He usually ask what are you doing or what are you going to do? And my usual answer is usually most likely, I am going to lock me in my room with worship, music, bible art journaling and a glass of wine, either all or a combination but usually when my days goes all “crazy” I want to run to my “haven”, “my cocoon”

His response is “always” any day, person, things that makes you go to the “foot of the cross”? How can that be a bad day, he is such a pastor 😩😮😍 

I squally answer not talking to the pastor now, I just want my friend who I can whine and complaint to.

Well he is right and just maybe Laura Story has learned that the blessing is in the storm. The test, the tears because they usually bring you to the foot of the cross, they usually make you run to your savior arms and baby oh baby that’s the blessing.,,,,

Sing with me ……


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