Silly things 

So Lucas regular nurse cancelled again , and mom texted and asked can I watch him, of course I can! As I scrambled again to make my schedule work but it so worth it, who won’t want to spend the day being entertained by 1 and 6 year olds 

Part of Lucas schedule is to take him to music class. Oh my world! Seriously, I have no rythm so I was told 

Well here goes nothing! But just remember Monique be fearless and do something for fun, so I sit in the circle and I make silly faces and sing silly songs and dance (out of rhythm) and jumps and rock all to music with a one year on my hip, lap and knees and as Lucas lol and hugged me and smile and the kids laugh and the grown looks and act silly, the migraine seized, my breathing got better.

Yes! Silly things that makes my heart happy and is so good for my mental health 


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