Special Moments in Life’s Experiences (SMILE)

Yesterday my 6 year old side kick had the day off from school, so he wanted a movie date, sure o get paid and make money while at the movies so why not.

Since he wanted to see Boss Baby and RaeQuel wanted to see if, I decided to take RaeQuel also, it’s easier this way and save the “whining” of you took J blah blah blah later.

We are enjoy the movie and the theater is empty because who else has the luxury to to go the movies at 11:25am on a Wednesday, yes I am blessed and I know it.

So as the movies come to an end, RaeQuel leaned on me and say, you are right. You have to experience this (movies theater to yourself) atleast once.. #princess #royaltreatment.

Yes baby girl we have too. See in my quest to be your mom, o realized you won’t remember a lot of things about my work etc. but you will remember sitting in a theater with only us, you will remember, while every one else was at work, we were at g’town picnicking and prayerfully you will SMILE 

And since you are my child and we have a SMILE scrapbook to record all those special Moments in life’s experience, just maybe you will record this, and this makes me SMILE


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