Growing up in the Caribbean, of course cooking is part of my life. It was a very rare occasion that I came home to “non-cooked” meal, cooking for my family was more of a gathering, the kids did homework at the kitchen table while the adults, cook, and chatbin pig-Latin, most day coming home my mom was either in the kitchen cooking or outside, roasting something. It was a way of life and I personally didn’t pay attention to it, because it was my “normal” and most likely my friends “normal”,

Fast forward as I became a wife and a mom, guess where my kids gather to talk about their day and home work? Yes you guess at the kitchen table, actually cooking and preparing meals was one of the way, I balance my time as a single mom, “killing two birds with one stone”, family time with the kids while we all cook every one had a part to play.

Tim set the table and make the drink, Kelly made the salad and any rolls, Shawn will cook the meal with me and kyea help as much as “age” allowed, rolls got changed as they go older but “cooking” will alway be what we do as a family, as we talk and catch up on each other lives. 

My kids are now older, and I miss those “kitchen” time but one thing is for sure as I continued “Sunday dinner”, traditions is there is a lot more than cooking when this mama is in the kitchen…..


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