13 reason why? Not!!!

So I am aware that, every network does not have the luxury of having, the “creative team” like the one behind “This is us”. 

OMG! What a show, what a plot, awesome writing! I have yet to find another show that deal with life problems. Adoption , addiction. Axietys, sibling rivalry, obesity, cance, death.. you name it and they have touched on “life problem” in a real way! You need tissues and wine for every show… you are right there with the characters and you know them because “this is us”, this is you!!!! 

But then a show like 13 reason why comes along and it’s trending and you as an adult is looking for a “Clift to jump off”, your heart is in your hand because one person committing suicide because of this show is one too many

Mental health and suicide is not for TV rating, is not to gloss over lightly there is no way this show is a conversation starter and a “tool” for discussion. It is so dangerously written. 

So why did I torture myself and watch all 11 episode! Call me a glutton for punishment, I am not even a TV person and yes I turned it off several times and played gospel music to bring me back to my reality, to keep me center, because having been “sick” and watching this show well let’s just say, “I’m still here”!!! 

I watch the show so if my kids ask about it I can give an inform opinion on it…. 

well here is the advice to my kids because at the end of the day, they are the ones why I speak out on this stuff….. don’t watch it!!! 

Let’s have a “real” conversation about mental health. Let’s have a real conversation about suicide! Let start with love! 

The next time you see a young mom and a crying  baby, smile and say hi and then pray! The next time you in line and some one is shopping with food stamps and WIC be patient! Don’t ask where is the father or why can’t she get a job….

Don’t judge! Love simply and then simply love is the first step to most of life problem and then get real informed about mental health and suicide and start an honest conversation away from the ratings….. 


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