So when I saw the word press word was Harmony, I instantly taught and start humming the tune”living together in perfect harmony”, don’t judge me, I like music…

Oh how I wish for a world where we live together in harmony, but that’s a “tall order” especially since I can barely get my one body to operate with itself in perfect harmony.

This year, it seem like everything is “out of control”, my asthma aggravate, migraine and so on… stress is a trigger… seriously no kidding have you met me. Stressful is my middle name. 

So my life is always “crazy, busy, stressful”, just read some of “on this day in the past”, a lot of it is redundant and it’s my normal, it comes with my life,  and I cope or deal. 

I have learned to take sabbatical worhbout feeling guilty, find me “place” and learn how to cope with my “normal”. 

I am not sure what going on lately, because my body, mind and soul is not in agreement. Yes life is tough! Some one had to live it. Yes it is very stressful right now, even more so than normal but I still have to live my life, if only I can get my body to be in harmony with my mind. 


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