My life is in your hands!

See I am sitting here with the weight of the world on my shoulders, I am sitting here! My hearts says “give it to God” he is says and I quote another scripture “cast all your cares…..” yep I know.

I am sitting here and I am so scared, my family is “hanging by a thread”, my heart says ” cast your cares”

I looked at my phone and a couple of my moms friends are having a hard time at the same time and I need to focus, but you can’t pour out of an empty cup “my hearts say “he is able to keep that which you committed”. 

My heart has all the answer and is usually right but my head oh my head…. see I love science and Math.. 1 and 1 is equal 2… molecules make up  atoms…. step upon step, the process….. why can’t I just listen to my heart, it’s not practical, I won’t have control, I need to have control, I need to know the plan… start to finished, you can say I have trust issues and that will be an understatement, but hold up wait a minute, Monique when you accepted Jesus, you accept the fact to trust him, turn your life over to him, let him lead,., your life is in his hand, he is the captain….

So how do I get my heart and my head to connect for me it’s a daily struggle, I am constantly renewing my mind. I am forever reminding me that I don’t have control and I can’t change any outcome only God can 

So on a daily basis, I get my heart and my head to connect, I re-affirm my faith in him, I lay my burdens down and ask him to help me leave them there and even tho he knows I am going to pick them back up, he will forever wait patiently for me to come back to the door of the cross and remind me as I say out loud “my life is in your hand”…… 


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