This road call life. 

I grew up in a village, in one of the smaller country of the Caribbean. It is a beautiful paradises, it has the most beautiful beaches, one of the few with white and black  sand beaches. A volcano, culture and everything that you dream and hope for on a Island, except for the roads…….

The turn, the twist, the holes, the dirt road, the hills, the vans struggling to go up the hills with passengers and can’t make it, then there are the very narrow, winding, bending curvy, roads with sea on both side… 

driving those roads were not for the faith of heart and even if you trust the driver… you will rather walk than ride and yes walking was just as dangerous. 

The truth is I still have dreams of a vehicle that I am in, running off one of those roads and landed in the sea or worst. (It’s only a dream, or nightmare)

See we have choices when traveling, but when we travel this road call life, we sometimes don’t have a choice, we can’t stop the vehicle and walk some of the way, or can we? Sometimes it seem all we can do is hold on, don’t look to the left of the right look straight ahead and trust the driver, because he is after all the expert and is the only one who can get you from here to there and when you get to your destination all is left to say … “captain oh my capitan!!


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