A day I will never forget.

One Sunday afternoon, my family came home from church early (around 1pm) because we didn’t have an evening service. My now ex husband went to a friend house to watch football so I decided to take the kids to our apartment complex community pool. After a couple hours of pool fun, the kids were tired and so we went into the apartment for dinner and prep for the next day. While I was cooking dinner in the kitchen I heard a knock at the door and I asked “Who is it” a guy answered “my friend told me you have a daycare and I wanted to get some information for my 2 year old.” (Sidenote: I owned a home daycare as well as the kids ran a candy table out of our apartment) My oldest son, Ray-Shawn (who was 10 years old at the time) opened the door thinking it was a prospective parent while I went to get some paperwork for him. All of a sudden a feeling came over me that something wasn’t right I called out Ray-Shawn name and got no response so I went out the of kitchen to check to see what was going on and I saw a guy with a gun pointed at Ray-Shawn’s head. I pushed my two girls behind me into the kitchen and told the guy “Don’t hurt him, what do you want?” He said “give me all the money in the house” he walked -with the gun still pointed to my sons head- to the candy table and took the money out the jar. He saw the safe that I keep the money from my daycare and told me to open the safe. I took the safe and put it on the table to open it, when he walked towards the safe to grab the money the second he took the gun from Ray-Shawn I grab Ray-Shawn and pushed him behind my back. Not knowing where my other son was I didn’t want the guy to walk around the house so I told him that there wasn’t anymore money in the house and no one else is here. He then tell me to take off my wedding ring and my daughters bracelets. I did and gave it to him then he left. I locked the door and called family and the police.

After the incident:

Through investigations with the police and neighbor we found out the the guy was a boyfriend of a neighbor who was a friend of one of my daycare parents and it was a set-up.


“Give me your tired and the poor……”.

Today for some reason I actually click on fox 5 live on Facebook, this is something I never do, I value my sanity too much 😱.

Well that was an insane idea that I am regretting with every fiber of my being, it was the news conference of the current administration decision in reference to DACA (dream act) will I decided to read some of the comments and after several hours I am still questioning my sanity and this decision, like ever topic lately there are both people of different of course but Oh my world. The hatred, the ignorance, the threats had me wishing IRMA will hurry up and come and build up to a category 6 hurricane as predicted, because unless part of America is under water, we don’t know the meaning to ” if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything”, or here is one love one another. As an immigrant of course this hurt but as a human to call some one less than human, to call something God created and call beautiful, other side of God’s name for that people, those people, I will never understand, but again another blog.

One of the New were showing a school in Detroit that walked out of classes in protest to the latest “hate” coming from the top and a “viewer” commented that they needed to March for a worthy cause like homelessness and veterans, as if March for fairness was not a “good enough” reason so grateful for the teacher from the school that was on the comment that these student from this school was graduating and passing at a 95 percentile and they can miss the day for a “worthy cause”

So obviously, I will be blogging about immigration some more as this affects me and my friends and family just as much.

Sending some one back to where they from will leave who in America because I don’t know much about America history but I think every one is an immigrant no matter how many generation removed.

This ruling affects children who came here too young to make a decision on their wine and this is the only country they have know,

So like everything else that I am passionate about I have an opinion and like it or not, you gonna here it,

This ruling is so wrong on so many levels,

My son being first generation, was dating a girl in high school, we all liked her, she was smart, straight A, talented, creative, who worked 2 jobs while going to school and keeping her grades up, she became the parent to her younger brother because her mom is hearing impaired, they came to this country at 4 and 5 and lived here all their lives went to school until graduation from high school, even tho she had a perfect GPA, and amazing resume and so May thing going for her, as her fellow students and friends file out application for colleges, armed services and employment, for the first time becoming an adult, her first lesson in “adult world” was the reality of living in America illegal.

For whatever reason, she came as a child and by her 18 birthday she had not obtained her paper work and green card.

We were all devastated for her, she had worked her butt off in school, lived by the rule and here she was at a dead end, oh my sweet angel of a son, who decided that he was going to rescue her, wanted to marry her, so she can go to college.

I felt like the worst mom in the world telling him to marry her just for her papers was not a good reason to start a marriage, yes that was my baby, his future and he had no idea what he was getting into, but he was determine that she had a right to go to college and have the future she always dreamed about and then the “dream act” came about and the future of 2 young people was saved because a president looked inside his heart saw a problem and decided to do something about it, he gave a generation that had choices and rights taken away because they were children and give them a chance to make America their own.

Isn’t that what “lady liberty stands for!

I am so grateful for the dream act! It save my son from making a decision he most likely would have regretted and it gave at least 2 young people a future and hope!

So today as I watch the hatred and I pray for for Jesus to come quickly and I pray for Mother Nature to have her way with this country and I realized right here right now I need Jesus to deliver me.

The thing is Mother Nature is fair, she doesn’t not only destroy, those people, them, wild dogs puppies, illegals, she rained and roar and put every one in their place so yes today when my heart is once again breaking because humanity is…..

I just want Jesus to come quickly!

As I type this blog, I am reminded that the most powerful man on earth (so he thinks) and the most powerful nation on earth so we think will one day have to bow, will one day be held accountable for their decision.

Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man accord as his work shall be!!!

So as I pray for Jesus to come quickly and for IRMA to do her thing, I take comfort knowing there is one who will write all wrong and wor unto him who hurt the least amongst us!!!!!

Oh sweet Texas!

Today, I went to target and dollar store picking up some stuff to sent it mission u too as my September swap commitment, with the sweet sister in my Facebook group.

It was harder than I thought because what the most need, well for me stickers for a child over-rides tooth paste maybe not and yeah I can here the argument the point is mental health is just as important as basic needs so adding a coloring book and crayon can give a mom something to hold on to!

I remember when Harvey was going to hit SVG, I stalked Facebook to make sure my friends and family was safe, thank you Jesus for your protection, so yep having live through hurricane I know what Texas is feeling but never to this extent

So the same hurricane passed over the Caribbean and yes it dumped a lot of rain in some areas but nothing like this and heaven knows it would have wiped out the entire country had it been this strong, so the logic answer is it picked up strength as it cross the Atlantic or is SVG and the Caribbean more faithful than Texas and American

Is Harvey God’s punishment to America?

That seem to be the question when there is a tragedy, where is God? Why did he allow this? Why did he make this happen?

We let’s just say I believe God is in heaven and is “saying,” wait till I get your attention” he isn’t! He is a Good Good father, who knows how to give great gifts to his children and he does not take pleasure in our suffering, so back to the question. WHY? Well I can think of 2, it’s hurricane season and Mother Nature has a mind of her own except for the grace of God.

Okay we are better as a country because of Harvey, I am sure we will soon forget, because that what we do and we will go back to Judging each other base on of skin color, religion and politics.

The thing is I still saw some “of the Devastation was in the black area would it have gotten the coverage”, really! Still after this you want to play the “race card”, well every one will use what ever for the scam and 5 mins fame and God is not move by it….

Okay so I have said a lot but I have not answer my original question why and where is God? Did he cause this?

The thing is today as I look for a scripture to journal on “Harvey/Texas”, I saw so many about floods, water storm and as I read them trying to figure out which one and how I wanted to do it.

I realized none of the scripture said, I will stop the storm, I stop the flood.

It says when you go through the water…. I will be with you

many water has…. but he delivered.

So he is in the storm with us, he is going to deliver us from the flood but never did he say he will stop them! Why? What does God know about storms, water and flood, and the lesson they teaches us, that he doesn’t stop them, but instead he is right there with us…

do not be afraid, I have redeemed you, I have call you by name you are mines.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you!


Fair and/ or equal

So Raequel and I was talking about “all things equal” and living in Washington DC, there is always some-one pushing a petition to sign “about some-thing for equality”.

I have no problem signing one that lies up with my faith and belief but again, that’s another blog.

Of course I am having this conversation with Raequel, who thinks being the baby of the family, her life isn’t fair, just so you know, I pay that child no attention.

Well our conversation, we talked about, about me dying and leaving ” my will” and as I explain each child situation as it stands now, I asked her do you think leaving it where each of you get 25 percent is fair and an equal, she of course says no and pointed out that Rae-Kyea should get more because she had more in her family, well the truth is Rae-Kyea has a husband who is capable of taking care of his family, so the one who needs it the most is actually Rae-quel, so all things being fair not equal, a larger portion should go to Raequel,

She admits and that’s fine and we would be fine because of how you raised us, Good point!

What have we been taught! What is fair? Is fair and equal the same!

I can’t be a mom with out teaching my kids and when the perfect time for a “teaching lesson” arise I jumped to it, so I glad grab out phone and told her about the parable of the vine yard workers…

At the beginning they were all promised the wages, they agreed to work a days work for a day wage, how-ever, it’s not until they compare their wages to those who came laterals they have a problem.

In that parable , it was the owners choice to pay the workers what he seem fair, each worker agreed to the wages at the beginning and with out the comparison to those that started last and got the same pay, you were given what you agreed too.

We have so much slogan and self help memes about not comparing, being an original of yourself not a copy of some one else.

As we march. sing, demonstrate, protest and sign petition about our cause, are you doing it because you have been wronged, or are you doing it because when you compare you to some-one else you feel you have been wronged

Like I tell my kids. Are you the good child no matter what. Or just the good child because you weren’t as bad as the others.

Life is not fair but we get to live it, all things are not created equal and in some cases we don’t want them to be, but yes we do want a “Just” world, we do want to live in peace, harmony and safety and yes oh yes. I want to be judge on my ability and my action not because I am a black female who happens to be a business owner and for all things fair and just, I do believe if you work for an honest days work, you should be given a “honest living wages” where you are able to take care of your families but again, we took the job for the less than “living wages” so the employer didn’t rob you!

All things JUST may not be fair and equal!


Held together by stickers and washi tape!

My life is full of redundant lately, it seem every status, conversation, blog, centers around a crisis and yes we have a lot going on at once and crisis is our middle name but seriously like enough, so now I don’t even want to blog or write about it.

Anyway my brother text me yesterday wanting to see how we were doing and get an update, well I had just got some bad news and was I the frame of mind I just want to get home and get into my fort….

As I tell myself I so sick of crying especially in public.

So after sending a text saying I was having one of those days and don’t feel like chatting will message him later. I realized I don’t get to chat with my brother a lot and if it’s one thing these sickness and diagnosis and life is teaching me right now, is to live in the moments and spend time with the people who loves me.

So I breath, put on worship music and message him back and as I give him the latest set of bad news and he admits the family feels so hopeless and then the famous question.

How are you sis! How are you holding up? Ha holding up! as I type this blog and type my response the tears are falling, so I respond, I can’t wait to get home and go into my fort.

I am literally being held together by stickers and washi tape……

He encourages me and was happy I had an outlet, a health out let because heavens knows all the alternatives I can be doing.

As I got home and headed to my journal room and worked on a couple pages in my bible and let the music take me to the foot of the cross and chat with some sweet sister.

I message back Raf, and send him what I had done since we chat and he went oh wow! Awesome!

Yes I feel better, no the situation didn’t change, the news and results are the same, the decision

As I say Good night to my brother and end another conversation. RMG asked me how are you holding up, and I smile for real this time and say by “washi tape and stickers” and he smiled with me…..

Yep held together by washi tape and stickers and a faith in God that he can do the impossible!


The traveling bible

My friend Amanda H, had an amazing idea, she introduce me and our sweet swap sister group to the idea of a traveling bible! Why not!

The word of God is the most powerful thing, it heals, it brings comfort, it sustain, it has ALL the answer we need so why not share it across a “dying nations”

Any-way, as usual I am getting ahead of myself. So the idea is the Bible will travel across America and each sister get to journal 2 entries in it, one in the old and one in the New Testament and then we mail it to the next sister on list.

I love the fact that there was some mystery to it, I didn’t know who had it and where I was on the listen, we only knew where it started Kentucky, and I was some where on the list, the person sending it after they finished they entry had the option to share their pages picture and tell what state it was headed to.

We are asked to pray for the Bible and the homes it will be sent to and the ladies and family! So excited.

So a couple weeks ago, in the midst of “life with 2 pregnant daughters” and all the craziness that makes up my normal life, Raequel and I got to host the Bible…….

Oh what a privilege. Raequel was so excited she grabbed it first, I was so scared, knowing that my journal entry was going to touch so many lives as this bible, go beyond the walls of color, nationality, denomination, and travel America.

In a week of life craziness of sickness, storms, racial tension and a nation divide by the color of your skin , here in my house, in my journal room was a bible, gift to a cause, traveling America, being in homes of my sisters, that came together as a group because we loved God and we love bible journaling.

Here in my house was God, his written word setting an example of what it means to love unconditionally. What it mean not to see color and ability but to be each other sister and prayer partner…..

And yes as we journal and we pack the Bible up and mail it to the next sweet sister not only did we send our entry but we sent our love and our prayers that as she received it, it will touch her first and then as she journal, God already knows where this bible will be gifted to and already knows what that home is in need of, so as we prepare our journal it’s already order that this bible will break barriers and the word of God will stand on its own.

“Small things are the big things”

So I am listening to the cup song on my non-gospel play list, yes I listen to non-gospel music, I am a child of the 70’s whose parent love country music, and all types of music, so yes gospel is my first love but every once in a while I switch to a non-gospel playlist.

So I am listening to the “cup song”,

Still trying to do the hand movement, in my head, and I am remembering a Sunday afternoon when life was so much simpler, when everything made sense, I remember siting at home or my office on the floor with the girls and sometimes Tim, learning and playing the “cup song”

I remembered Rae-Kyea watching you tube, learning the actions and teaching it to us and it was one of the things after church, if we were not doing “bible battles” it was music and/or playing games or just an evening of the “cup” song….

As I think of life and where we are now and the thing we are dealing with I am wishing I had more “cup song” days, I am wishing I am siting on the floor with my babies.

I am wishing they were siting/ lying on blankets in the living room watching Madea and repeating the movie but every one was at home and safe.

Oh how I wish they were still little and I can protect from life.

As I listen to the cup song and wish for days of the past”, the small things that became the big things, the memories that pulls my heart and put a smile on my face. I am grateful that I had stopped along the way and sat on the floor, learning the cup song, I am so grateful that in-spite of life-emergency and responsibility that I realized the most important work was on the floor, watching movies and I stopped to “smell the roses”

It wasn’t easy, it was always a struggle to find a balance, I never actually got the movement of the cups song but I sure had fun making a fool of myself with me kids……

Oh for the simpler things in life!